Affiliate marketing has risen to prominence over the last ten years. There are hundreds of thousands of successful affiliate marketers working from home. The internet nowadays offers great moneymaking opportunities.

On the internet also you can come across numerous scams that could cost you a large amount of money. I have come across a few scams myself, and I consider myself lucky not to have joined one of those schemes.

My aim here is to reward the legit- honest companies who are actually trying their hearts out to make an honest buck and to penalize the dishonest ones who should be driven out of business.

On this website, I will be reviewing all internet affiliate companies that come to my attention. My aim is to provide 100% accurate, unbiased, true reviews.

Internet Fraud Definition

Internet fraud is the use of Internet services or software with Internet access to defraud victims or to otherwise take advantage of them. FBI DEFINITION

According to the FBI there was 280,000 complaints only for the year 2016. FBI also estimates online crime costs the victims over 1,2 billion dollars. Internet criminals use several methods to steal. Following are the two high profile methods they use:

Types of Internet Fraud

1) The breaching of email accounts in order to obtain access to clients bank accounts or credit card numbers.

2) The deliberate sending of malware to organizations or individual networks in order to deny the availability of critical date or systems. Then the criminal asks for ransom in order to allow victims to regain access to their account.

Other Instances of Fraud Include

  • Business Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Internet Auction Fraud
  • Investment Schemes
  • Nigerian Letter Fraud
  • Non Delivery of Merchandise

Affiliate Scams

To my astonishment, there are a lot of affiliate scams out there and their numbers are growing. Lately, I’ve been coming across many of them quite regularly. It is sad but it’s true.

Companies with one-page websites, with impossible claims, with non-stopping up-sells who cannot be contacted on the internet, are definitely scams.

My aim is to expose internet fraud and to warn internet users of the dangers that exist on the web. On this website, you will find reviews of affiliate programs, software, and internet products that associate with affiliate marketing.

On the other hand, there are numerous internet companies that are 100% legit and the user has nothing to be afraid of. In fact, I encourage people to associate with such companies. In my opinion, only good can come out.

Honest Affiliate Company Characteristics

Active Affiliate Managers. Some affiliate marketers do not like active affiliate managers. They prefer to do things on their own rather than having someone else looking over their shoulder. In my opinion, active affiliate managers can actually help you boost your internet business.

An active affiliate manager could be of great help when things break down, or even when you have questions that need to be answered. After all, if you make money, they will also make money.

Good Marketing Material. Banners, links for different languages, tracking link systems, or even separate landing pages to use for different markets.

Payment Reliability. Real-time payment on a consistent date each month is what you want here. The program must have a long record of paying on time.

Down to Earth Program. There are numerous internet companies who claim that they have the best money-making program that will make you a millionaire overnight. The only way you can become a millionaire is if you win the lottery.


Nowadays, online scammers can be found anywhere on the net. If you type: Internet scams on Google you will find at least 26 million related articles, and the numbers are growing. Like I said on this website my aim is to review affiliate programs and services in order to spot and expose the scams and to reward the good honest Internet companies.

Feel free to make comments and suggest reviews.

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