The Affilorama Affiliate Program Review

If you are here reading this article, you are probably looking for a way to earn internet money. With that in my mind, I went ahead and wrote this post The Affilorama Affiliate Program Review.

In fact, a few years ago I went through the same process. I started looking at all the internet money-making programs and schemes. I came through a number of good quality legit programs. At the same time, I found a large number of internet scams. In fact, I was about to join one of them but luckily I did not.

  • Website:
  • Cost: Free membership program/other training programs start from $19
  • Owners: Mark Ling and Simon Slade
  • Year founded: 2005
  • Rated 68 out of 100

What is Affilorama

Affilorama is an online affiliate marketing course. It is based in New Zealand. The program has been around since 2006. The Affilorama founders are Simon Slade and Mark Ling.

Who Are the Owners?

Mark Ling


Mark Ling is a well-respected online entrepreneur from New Zealand. He is Affilorama’s co-founder and co-owner. He has generated over $100 million in sales. He is Affilorama’s heart and soul. Mark Ling owns “Jamorama” a guitar lessons program.



Simon Slade

Simon Slade is an internet businessman from New Zealand too. He is the co-founder and co-owner of Affilorama. In addition, he owns the SaleHoo internet product catalog and Doubledot Media Limited.

Is Affilorama Legit?

Unfortunately, there is a large number of internet scams out there. However, Affilorama is not a scam. It is a 100% legit company. Mark Ling is straightforward before you join and he lets you know what to expect. Affilorama has been around since 2005 and still going strong.

Affilorama Pros

  • Free membership program
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Free lessons videos
  • Help and support mechanism
  • Successful online training since 2005

Affilorama Cons

  • Essential parts of the training are outdated and could cost traffic to your website
  • Affilorama’s forum-community is absent
  • Focuses on ClickBank
  • Not easy to get direct access to the founder Mark Ling
  • Hidden costs

Affilorama Programs

1-Affilorama Free training. Free affiliate program training

2-Path2Passive. More affiliate marketing training. Cost $37 

3-Affilojetpack. Five pre-made websites with many other goodies. Cost $997

4-AffiloTools. Internet tools that will help you with ranking, competitors, and keywords. Included with your free membership.

5-Affilorama Premium. Affilorama’s monthly training membership offering. Discontinued

6-Affilotheme.  Affilorama’s additional website accessory tool. Discontinued

7-AffiloBlueprint. Step-by-step training program for newbies. Discontinued

Affilorama’s Free Training

Affilorama’s free membership offers a lot of training at no cost. In particular, you get. twenty hours of training videos with lots of written training accompanied with successful online marketers interviews.

Affilorama’s training

In addition, you will learn about website building SEO (search engine optimization) content creation, and many more. The free affilorama training will teach you all the basics regarding affiliate marketing.

If you sign up for Affilorama’s free training you can get the Pathway to Passive training for only $19.

However, a large part of the free training is alarmingly out of date and it focuses on click bank. There is no doubt the free membership program offers value, but you should be aware of the outdated content that could create problems for you.

Affilorama’s Path2Passive

Pathway to Passive is an e-book that provides more training on affiliate marketing. It concentrates on the four steps to affiliate marketing success.

  1. Choose the right niche and products to promote
  2. Target the right group of people
  3. Build a sales funnel that lead visitors towards a sale
  4. Create a high-quality website

Pathway to passive is a decent introduction to affiliate marketing. There is still some outdated training, and the information is not in-depth. Overall the training is still valuable. In my opinion, it is worth paying $19 for Pathway to Passive but I wouldn’t pay $37 for it.

If you sign up for a free membership you can have it for $19 but you need to do it within the first three days.

Affilorama’s Affilojetpack

According to Affilorama, Affilojetpack is a money-making system designed to help you achieve a sustainable affiliate income from your website(s). Affilojetpack is divided into four parts that could help you build internet income. They include:

  • Well-written email templates.
  • Free reports to boost your email options.
  • WordPress website with 12 months free web hosting.
  • Content creation tools to help you create as many articles as you want.
  • Five ready-made websites with one-year of free hosting. (Basically, you will get pre-made niche websites that include pre-made content and other pre-made material as well)

Mark Ling, the owner, claims you can start your internet business in only six days by using Jetpack. He also claims that if you follow his instructions you could earn up to $20.000 dollars in a day.

Nevertheless, you will have to put a lot of work into your business with or without Affilojetpack. Jetpack includes a number of useful tools but it does not perform miracles as Mark says. In fact, it is almost impossible to find positive reviews and testimonials for this program.

Affilorama’s Affilo Tools

Within the affilorama platform, you will find a section called Affilo Tools. Affilorama calls it a “premium suite of online tools for marketers” It has a free version that includes a minimum number of tools. You can get a paid version that starts at $17 (bronze), $47 (silver) $97 (gold)

Affilo Tools Program

The Affilorama tools section is a good idea because a successful internet marketer will need information regarding visitors, backlinks, search engine rankings, and so on. Why pay for such a service when you can get all those tools on the net for free.

In my mind, the free version is not bad but I would not pay a single penny for the paid versions. There are better tools on the net and all are for free.

Ubersuggest can give you a backlink analysis for free.

Google Analytics provides you with all aspects of traffic data for free.

The HOTH will monitor your rankings for free.

Cyfe will give you social media analytics for free

Can a Newbie Make Money?

Even though the program has some great weaknesses the truth is that a newbie can still make money. Affilorama is designed for newbies, it is a step-by-step program designed to teach you everything from scratch. You will have to apply the effort and follow the training.

However, the program has certain weaknesses due to the outdated training in certain areas. As a result, you might have to apply more effort in order to succeed, or even worse your website to get penalized by search engines for using old-out-of-date and unfair practices.

A newbie can still make money but he/she has to stay away from the outdated practices.

Is it a Long Term Business?

Affilorama has been around since 2005 and it is still around. It is not a scam, it is a legitimate business run by Mark Ling an honest and well-respected person in the industry. No doubt Affilorama has its weaknesses but it still delivers value. If Mark takes effective action to deal with the outdated content then Affilorama will be around for many more years.

Affilorama’s Drawbacks

1-Some Training is Outdated

There is a serious problem regarding the out-of-date training, especially with the free membership. This is where they recommend building a website with obsolete tools, such as Adobe Dreamweaver while they completely ignore the popular WordPress platform.

No doubt there are many ways to build a website, but the easiest and most popular way is WordPress. You can use the WordPress platform to chose over 10,000 different themes and build your website in only 30 seconds.

2-Copied Content Plagiarism

The use of PLR content is also a huge issue. Affilorama advises and provides the tools for the use of PLR (Private Label Rights) content strategy. The use of PLR content is the easy way of creating content however, it is cheating or internet plagiarism. Google is against the use of PLR content.

Using PLR content means that you take someone else’s content, change it by using certain tools (article spinners), and republish it as your own. Using PLR content will not help you with your rankings and at the same time your articles will not be interesting, they will be too general without offering specific and unique information. Your audience will not be impressed.

Some marketers think passing Copyscape is good enough for a great article. That doesn’t mean anything to me. But if your original and unique article becomes viral then that will be fantastic. Remember, a PLR article will never become viral.

3-Building Artificial Backlinks

Google is crystal clear in artificial link building. It is against its policy and you will get in trouble.

For many years the internet gurus-scammers went on and on talking about the benefits of artificial backlinks and the use of Private Blog Networks. A large number of internet products were released promising the first spot on google’s first page.

Eventually, Google found those PBNs and deindexed them. In addition, all websites that used them lost their rankings too.

4-Focuses on ClickBank

ClickBank is an e-commerce marketplace. It is the home of thousands of digital products. However, ClickBank is a highly controversial marketplace with a large number of questionable products. As a result, the online marketplace is already shrinking. It loses products and services every single day. Unfortunately, most products that are left there are dubious-questionable products.

5-Hidden Costs

  1. You will have to pay $24 monthly for an autoresponder
  2. You will have to pay for hosting after the first year

6-Mark Ling Promotions

There have been reports from affilorama members that they have been receiving emails from Mark Ling who promoted questionable products and services. Promoting a person or company that offers dubious products or services I find this at least disappointed.

Final Words

Affilorama has been around since 2005. If there was something fraudulent about it the company would not still be around. Over the years it has helped lots of people to become successful online. It still offers a good legit program that could help you succeed in affiliate marketing.

Nonetheless, the program is getting dangerously outdated. There have been signs that the company is moving towards updating its training. If Affilorama removes the artificial backlinking training, the content plagiarism, updates the free training, and adds the latest developments in online marketing it will have a bright future.

I am sure Mark Ling will continue providing top-class affiliate marketing training and will improve the platform overall.

Mark Ling does not afraid to put his money where his mouth is. He gives a free affiliate training program and he also has a 60-day money-back guarantee. And no matter how hard I looked I did not find anyone complaining about not getting their money back.

Will I recommend Affilorama to you? If you are a newbie I will. You can take advantage of the step-by-step program. In addition, the free training offers some value. However, there are better programs to join that offer much better training and value.

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What did you think about my Affilorama review? Please leave a comment I will answer back.

6 thoughts on “The Affilorama Affiliate Program Review

  1. Affilorama affiliate program is just perfect to see here and I value the way you have provided it all here. Thanks so much for the overview here. The way you have shared this is just amazing. This is so perfect for me to see here. I will definitely try to make the best use of what I learned from your review thumbs up to you. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my website. I always try to be fair and objective when I do a product review. Affilorama is a good program but they have to deal with outdated content. If they do that Affilorama will continue to be a great affiliate program to join.   

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I had not heard of Affilorama before. As you say it sounds legit but for me, there are many aspects that I do not like the sound of. All the out-dated material is a concern particularly if it is encouraging you to adopt practices that will have your site penalized. I don’t like all the upsells. I think it would be difficult for a newbie to judge which of the upsells they might need. Also as you point out there are some free resources that are better than some of what Affilorama is trying to sell you. Thanks again, Andy

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my website. I am afraid a newbie does not have the knowledge to not follow the parts of the training that will get his website penalized. In addition, I do agree with you about the upsells. Mark Ling needs to do something about it.

  3. What a comprehensive review and I think you made it very clear about what Affilorama offers and where it falls down. I guess if it has been around since 2005 it must be reasonable value and not a scam but it is sad that they have let the material become outdated whilst still getting paid. 

    This outdated information could seriously impact someone’s business if they don’t know to look at other opinions. I think Wealthy Affiliate provides better more up-to-date training at a cheaper price. Your hosting cost alone covers hundreds of video and text lessons and live lessons too which are all recent and you can use a free autoresponder like Aweber or MailerLite. Definitely a better option.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post. Affilorama has helped lots of affiliate marketers become financially independent. However, right now a large part of the content needs updating. I know Mark Ling will do something about it. 

      Wealthy affiliate is still the number one platform for affiliate marketing training. It offers comprehensive training for newbies and for experienced marketers. I agree with you definitely is a better option.

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