Learn How to Build a Website

Learning how to build a webside might be for you an impossible task but it is not. In fact, it is necessary because, a successful internet business needs a solid foundation and that foundation can only be a website.

Building a website nowadays is an easy task. It used to be challenging because, you had to be an expert in computer programming. In addition, building a website would actually take many days and even months.

This is not the case anymore. You do not have to be a computer expert. Building a website nowadays can be fun.

This is possible due to website building tools that are available now. Website builder is a tool that allows the user to construct a site quickly without manual code editing, or without having previous coding skills.

Having the website building task is taken care off, you can concentrate on how your website will actually make you money.

Site Rubix Website Builder

My favorite website builder is Site Rubix. Why is that? Firstly, Site Rubix is simple therefore, easy to use. Secondly, is a powerful tool. With Site Rubix you can build a website in less than a minute! It is the fastest website builder in the world.

You too, can create your own website with Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Rubix website builder-platform. Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Rubix isn’t just a website builder. It is a website platform. It will supply you with tools such as: website security, website performance analysis, website monitoring etc.

A Wealthy Affiliate-Site Rubix website is powered by WordPress.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a website management system based on PHP and MySQL. In fact, it is the most popular website management system and it is used by more than 60 million websites. It is most associated with blogging but it also supports other types of web content such as: media galleries, online stores, etc.

Getting on With the Job

Step 1-Find a Niche.

If you want to build a successful website, it is imperative to find a niche.

What is a niche

Niche is a small segment of the market with its own products, customers and services. For example, if you like basketball, then your niche could be either: basket balls, basketball clothing, basketball memorabilia, basketball shoes, basketball movies, basketball coaching, basketball knee pads, and many others.

In fact, finding your own niche could be a lot of fun.

Step 2-Choose a Domain Name

You will need to choose a domain name.

Domain name is the name of your website. You will need to find and register your domain name. The domain name or simply domain, will actually be your unique identity on the internet. You need to choose a domain name that corresponds to your niche, to help internet users to reach you easier. Once you’ve chosen a domain you cannot change it.

When you choose a domain name, you must decide whether you want a free website or website on a domain that you own. If you are on a free starter account, you are allowed to create two free websites using the Site Rubix extension. If you want to use a domain you own or want to create more the two websites, then you need to upgrade to premium membership. Remember, your domain name is permanent and cannot be changed.

Step 3-Name your Website

This is easy, all you need to do is to take the previously entered domain and make it grammatically correct with the right punctuation and capitalization. Keep in mind, you can change the title of your site anytime you want.

Step 4-Pick a Theme

Selecting a theme for your website is of the out most importance. However, if you don’t like the theme you’ve selected, you can always switch your website to another better theme. A good theme should have the following qualities.

1-Aesthetically pleasing. It should make your site look good. An ugly website will scare people away and nobody wants that.

2-User friendly. The website should be kept plain and simple. The visitor should be able to navigate with ease.

3-Mobile ready. Many themes are not mobile ready and as mobile phone users are on the increase, a mobile ready theme is a must.

4-Wesite speed. A poorly constructed theme makes your website slow. Users hate when it takes them ages to navigate between pages or posts.

5-SEO Optimization. An SEO Optimized theme will rank better on Google than any other theme.

At Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Rubix platform, you will be able to choose between 24 available themes, if you are on the free starter membership. In addition, with the premium membership you will have access to more than 3000 themes.

At the same time, the Site Rubix takes care of all security issues by monitoring your site 24 hours per day, with daily backups.

Step 6-Click the Blue Button (I am ready build my website now.)

Thirty seconds after pressing the blue button your website will emerge and it will look like this. Do not worry, this is only the beginning. Pages, posts and images, will be added later to make this an attractive site.



To recap…building a website nowadays is a piece of cake. All you need to do is to find a niche, choose a domain name and a website title. Once you do that, entering the details at the Site Rubix website builder only takes a few seconds. Choosing a theme could take a little longer and then press the blue button. Thirty seconds later the website is ready.

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