Is Zukul a Scam?-The Honest Truth

There is a lot of buzz on social media and the internet world in general about Zukul. I reviewed  Zukul out of curiosity and at the same time, I wanted to see if it is worth for someone to go ahead and invest his/her hard-earned money or not. My aim was to answer the following questions:

  1. Is Zukul Legit?
  2. Can a Newbie Make Money?
  3. Is it Worth the Money you are Paying?
  4. Is it a Long Term Business?

In this review I am going to tell you the honest truth about Zukul so you can make the right decision.

Owner: Jeremy Rush

Cost: $19,60/$54,50/$272,50

Rating: 25 out of 100 – Rejected

What is Zukul?

Zukul is a traffic generating and lead management platform. Zukul’s aim is to provide its members with traffic and leads. At the same time Zukul offers a training program to its members. Zukul also has an MLM sign up program that allows its members to earn commissions.

Zukul was founded in 2014 by Jeremy Rush and Michael Bloom. It looks like the company is based in the UK but the company’s address is listed in the Caribbean island of Anguilla, for tax purposes I assume.

Zukul offers a number of tools to its members, tools that are necessary to website owners. The aim is to increase traffic and generate quality leads.

Who is Jeremy Rush

Jeremy Rush is not new to online business. In fact, he is well-known to the online marketers due to the fact that over the years he has marketed several internet companies. They are:

  • -MMO Cash Out
  • -Penny Matrix
  • -DS Domination
  • -Adhit Profits
  • -Banners Broker

Unfortunately four out of the five companies I wouldn’t recommend.

The Zukul Packages.

Zukul offers three packages, the beginners package, the intermediate package and the advance package. Here is a list with all three packages and the tools they provide.

Beginners Package: $19,60 Monthly Subscription

Package Includes:

  • Social Sniper
  • Capture Pages
  • Autoresponder Lite
  • Zukul Trafffic

Intermediate Package: 54,50 Monthly Subscription

Package Includes:

  • Social Sniper
  • Autoresponder
  • Capture Pages
  • Landing Page Creator
  • Banner Creator
  • Zukul Traffic
  • JukeBox Training
  • Blogging Platform

 Advance+Intermediate Package: $272,50 Monthly Subscription

Package Includes:

  • Landing Page Creator
  • Social Sniper
  • Video Submission Tool
  • URL Shortener & Tracker
  • SMS Platform(Under Construction)
  • Video Scribe Suite(Under Construction)
  • YouTube Buddy(Under Construction)
  • JukeBox Training
  • Banner Creator
  • Blogging Platform
  • Zukul Traffic
  • Capture Pages
  • Autoresponder

There is no doubt all these tools are useful provided that they are used correctly. However, there is a number of other companies out there with the same tools such as: Wealthy Affiliate, Digital Altitude, MOBE, etc, who provide their members with the necessary tools and nobody knows if Zukul’s tools are any better. In addition, they have a solid record for a number of years and the credentials to back it up.

Zukul MLM Compensation Sign up Program.

Zukul offers a sign up program, a program that pays commissions to members who promote the Zukul opportunity and sign up new members. The members get paid commissions up to three levels deep and for infinite width. The commissions recur every month, as members renew their memberships. In particular:

1st Level Affiliate Payout:

  • Beginners Level: $8
  • Intermediate Level: $13
  • Advanced Level: $55

2nd Level Affiliate Payout:

  • Beginners Level: $4
  • Intermediate Level: $5
  • Advanced Level: $25

3rd Level Payout:

  • Beginners Level: $2
  • Intermediate Level: $4
  • Advanced Level: $10

Can a Beginner Make Money With Zukul?

It is difficult for a newbie to make money with Zukul. I do not recommend Zukul to the beginner. Zukul will not teach you how to build a website from scratch. For example, a newbie will never learn how to use the wordpress editor, how to get his/hers own domain, how to use visuals on the website, how to use keywords etc. Therefore, if I was a newbie, I would forget about Zukul.

Furthermore, starting an internet business requires the right product, advertising, a website, customer service and total commitment. Zukul’s claim that even the inexperienced can make money, is totally unrealistic. With only a few landing pages, an autoresponder and the social media you can’t go far.

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What About the Intermediate and Advance Packages?

The advance package is the one with all the tools to succeed. But, at $270,00 a month, I think it is overpriced to say the least. There are many other programs out there that give all of these, at much lower prices and with a concrete record that speaks for itself. To my mind, Zukul is not worth the money they are asking.

Is Zukul a Long Term Business?

To be honest with you, I cannot see Zukul around for a long time. If we take a look at the failed enterprises in the past there are thousands of people who actually lost their money. At the same time, who can promote something when he/she does’t believe in it. I personally would find it hard to go to my friends and relatives and ask them to join an overpriced program, a program that guarantees nothing.

Does Zukul Compensation Program Deliver?

Up till now, I was talking about the traffic and lead generating platform. Now its time to review Zukul’s compensation plan. When it comes to MLM I am not against it at all. In fact, I do know many legit and honest MLM companies who have been around for years. When it comes to Zukul though I do have my reservations.

In Zukul you recruit people but there is no product involved. To be fair there are the Zukul packages you are promoting but the newcomers are expecting something of value, something that will earn them money. The packages are designed to promote Zukul. I do not see those who sign in to stay and renew their memberships for long…

Zukul’s compensation program is an avenue to direct people to Zukul ad Network or ZAN, now Zukul Gold. ZAN is a revenue share platform, as Traffic Monsoon was until it collapsed. Revenue share programs are not sustainable, and over the years many people lost their money.

To participate in ZAN’s revenue share program, you need to buy an adpack. There are many adpacks starting from $10,00 and going all the way to $50,00. According to the adpack you buy you will have the corresponding return.

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In return the buyer must carry out the minimum number of clicks on ads, remain on the adverts for a minimum of 10 seconds and must keep renewing his membership. Traffic Monsoon worked the same way. I am afraid ZAN will not last for long as there are already complaints from unhappy customers.

 The Complaints

On November 30/2016 there was a complaint from a disgruntled member about ZAN not paying him his revenue share returns for the month of September.

Earlier on November 25/2016 there was another complaint, from another disgruntled member for exactly the same reason.

Complaints are definitely a sign to worry. If I was promoting ZAN I would be having second thoughts.


Zukul is not a scam, but is borderline. What I want to say is that Zukul could work under certain circumstances. It could work in the hands of an experienced internet marketer who could use the tools available to promote his own internet business. I personally find it overpriced to say the least. As I mentioned before there are much better programs out there, with a proven record and at a lower price.

I am also concerned about the owner’s track record, and I cannot see Zukul been around for a long time.

When it comes to Zukul’s compensation program I do not recommend it at all. Wait, there is more… if I was you, I’d stay away from ZAN. ZAN is a scam. It will hit rock bottom as Traffic Monsoon did.

I have nothing against Zukul, I’ve watched Jeremy Rush on his Skype-hangouts trying to help members and believe me he is doing the best he can. The whole concept is wrong and the tools by themselves are not good enough. It is a poorly made program, you can even spot spelling mistakes on their landing page.

This is my humble opinion about Zukul, thanks for sticking around.

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4 thoughts on “Is Zukul a Scam?-The Honest Truth

  1. Thank you for the heads up regarding Zukul and Zan. It’s hard enough to achieve success in the online business without getting taken for large amounts of money. I am with Wealthy Affiliate and extremely pleased with their pricing, the tools, and training available and the community support is exceptional.

    1. Wealthy Affiliate at the moment offers the No1 affiliate program. I am also a member and believe me before I joined I actually searched the net for over one month. I ended up with WA because they are the best and since I started I never looked back.

  2. Interesting and very insightful Information, I am a newbie and I will definitely not use Zukul having read this article, I appreciate this Information and it helpes better understand not only Zukul but How to spot other programs the are not legit as well.

    Thanks alot

    1. It is actually quite tempting to join Zukul if by chance you come across their website. If I come across something good I have no problem to give it the credit it deserves. I always try not to be biased. In fact, meeting a legit company on the net always gives me pleasure. I do hope for a net free of scams. Thanks for taking the trouble to read my review.

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