Is Affiliate Marketing For me?

Is affiliate marketing for me? is a question asked by thousands of people every day. There are massive changes in the way people work. Nowadays with the advancement of technology, with the internet available in almost every single house, many people have the opportunity to work from home, to run their own business from home, or even to start their own internet business.

Therefore, the question is affiliate marketing for me? is alive and real. I actually asked myself the same question. The reason I did that was because I did not want to waste my time doing something and not been successful. My aim in this post is to help you answer that question for your self.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the business model where a company pays commission to a third party for generating traffic or leads. The third party is called, affiliate, and the commission is a reward for the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

The affiliate marketing industry consists of four parts.

  1. The retailer, is the company that actually offers an affiliate marketing policy.
  2. The network, is the part that puts together the offers for the affiliate, and takes care of things such as payments, commissions, customer service etc.
  3. The affiliate, is the company or individual whose task is to generate traffic, leads or sales.
  4. The customer.

Affiliate Marketing has risen in prominence over the years. This is mainly due to Amazon, who offered an affiliate marketing program a few years back. Amazon’s program was so successful, that now it has the largest affiliate program in the world with thousands of affiliates promoting its products and billions in sales. As a result the number of retailers and manufacturers offering their products and services now is huge and growing.

Those who seized the opportunity are now on a six figure income. But its not over, the opportunities for the ordinary person to become a successful affiliate are there right now, they are alive and real.

How does it work?

In reality, affiliate marketing is nothing more than being an online salesperson. An online sales person that uses a number of different tools available to draw customers. Nevertheless, not everyone is keen to be a sales person.

In affiliate marketing there is more than one way to make money online.

  • You could develop and sell your own product or service.
  • You could sell products on eBay or Amazon.
  • You could exploit your special knowledge or special interests to coach others.

An affiliate marketer earns money by using the power of the internet and its tools.

  • Blogging is is very popular, easy to master and ranks well with search engines.
  • YouTube Chanel is another way of earning money especially by doing video reviews.
  • Social marketing is another popular way to earn money. Social marketing involves Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest and so on.

Why People are Getting Into Affiliate Marketing?

When you know what you are doing and you are doing it consistently then:

  1. You become the best at it.
  2. You will earn easy money.

An affiliate marketer will not have to develop a product, or service, in order to make money. In addition, you will not have to worry about customer service, answer phones, listen to complaints, etc. At the same time you do not need to set up a payment gateway. What you need to actually do is to drive internet traffic (interested people) to the offer. Well, that’s simple, isn’t it?

Affiliate marketing requires hard work. If you, want to do it full time you will have to put 40hours per week. If you, are looking for a part-time commitment than you are looking for 20 hours per week which is mainly your weekends. Payments are mainly based on commission and it could be months before you could start earning an income.

Picking up the right product or service to promote is very important. Many affiliates choose to promote products that are too competitive, instead of finding less competitive products to promote.

You will need to motivate yourself, to commit yourself, you will need to put the hours. You will also need a continuous effort. Many people think, just because they joined in they will make money without the effort. This is not the case.


Lets face it, affiliate marketing is not for everyone. There are certain issues you will need to consider before getting involved with it.

Does affiliate marketing have a value for me and can I help other people?

  • Can I talk about it to my friends?
  • Would I like to buy it or recommend it?
  • Do I see myself being involved with it for a long time?
  • Can I make money doing it?
  • Am I really interested in doing?

If your answer is yes to all these questions than you do have the ingredients to succeed in affiliate marketing.

To my mind everybody with a p.c. who knows how to read and write, can become a successful marketer as long as he possesses the following traits.

  1. Motivation
  2. Persistence
  3. Thirst for Knowledge
  4. Patience

A successful marketer is always on the lookout for a unique niche. The aim is first to find it than to promote it, and finally to sell it.

  1. -A successful marketer knows the products or services he promotes very well. The same way he should know his audience.
  2. -A successful marketer knows how to use search engines in order to achieve maximum traffic.
  3. -A successful marketer embraces change, seeks out for new trends and stays on top of them.

I do not want to disappoint you from becoming an affiliate marketer, but I’ve made a promise to myself to be honest and I am honest. If you, possess the above traits, chances are that you will become a successful affiliate, as long as you join in, follow the training and put the effort.

If you, do not possess the above traits, the chances are still there for you to make it as an affiliate. You will need to have the will to succeed, you will also need to be hungry and determined. There are many magnificent stories from people who made it against all odds. So its all up to you.

Ps. At the moment there is a number of affiliate marketing companies who specialize in training affiliate marketers and supply them with all the necessary information and tools. All this online.

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