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Is it possible to make $1000 in one day from just one click on your affiliate link? The answer is YES. In this post, I have prepared the highest affiliate paying program list. They are not one or two, but nine different high ticket affiliate programs where you can make $1000 or even up to $33000 from a single click.

High ticket affiliate programs are not well-known. Not many affiliate marketers know much about them. Truth is only people in-the-know or advanced affiliate marketers, get the chance to even find out about them, and then promote them in order to make so much money.

Promoting High Ticket Affiliate Programs can be Profitable

If you can promote one of the programs I am just about to show you, you can make it much easier for yourself to make money. In fact, you could make enough money in a month from a single sale. If you have the ability to do this week after week, or day after day, you could end up with lots of cash.

Which Affiliate Programs are the Best?

There are many types of affiliate programs.

  1. Pay-per-sale programs
  2. Pay-per-click programs
  3. Two-tier programs
  4. Pay-per-lead programs
  5. Recurring affiliate programs

The best affiliate programs for me, are the recurring affiliate programs. Recurring affiliate programs will not get you revenue once after just one sale, but the revenue will keep coming in month after month. So if you promote recurring affiliate programs, you can make thousands of dollars from a single customer if he stays subscribed.

Here is the Highest Affiliate Paying Program List

Wealthy Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is one of my favorites, not because it offers the highest commissions but, because it offers a lifetime cookie. That means you can earn money out of one subscription for the rest of your life, as long as the subscriber keeps renewing his/her subscription.

The company is an online making money training platform. It has one of the best training programs, and there are thousands of affiliates around the world who started with no internet experience whatsoever, and through Wealthy Affiliate, they managed to build a successful online business. One of them is me.

Wealthy Affiliate has a great affiliate support program with lots of training, live videos, community support, and a whole

Wealthy Affiliate will pay you for every referral $22,50 per month, and $175 for a year’s membership. This does not look like a lot of money but, promoting Wealthy Affiliate is not difficult. In fact, the Wealthy Affiliate program has a high conversion rate, which means you could have tens of people joining every month. Most Wealthy Affiliate members tend to stay subscribed for a long time, there is many of them since 2005. Therefore, a single referral could earn you thousands of dollars over time. Right now, WA pays several affiliates over $10,000 every month, one of them could be you.

Wealthy Affiliate offers landing pages, banners, an affiliate comprehensive training program, the Affiliate Bootcamp program, which is a step by step training on how to promote WA. Truly WA offers great support to its affiliate marketers.

Organifi Affiliate Program


Organifi, is a green juice, they actually have a couple of green juices, and they pay monthly commissions. You get an average of $76 if someone signs up for organifi. The product is great and most people stay subscribed and as a result, you will be getting repeated sales month after month. Over time this could turn into thousands of dollars from a single click.

To sell organifi you need to join Clickbank. Clickbank is an e-commerce platform worth examining.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Click Funnels
Click Funnels


ClickFunnels is a cloud-based website marketing platform that helps online business to generate leads and sales. ClicFunnels will pay you anywhere from $50 to $100 per month if you refer someone and that person subscribes.

ClicFunnels offer a free trial and their basic package starts at $97 a month. They will offer you lots of tools to support you. There is an affiliate manager always on standby to help you, there is an active Facebook group, there is free training, a boot camp, and lots of other resources all there for you.

In addition, if you get 100 ClickFunnels subscribers, they will give you a free car. Yes, they will actually pay up to $1000 monthly to lease the car of your choice just for you. ClickFunnels is one of not many companies that respect their affiliates. You see, affiliate marketing is a tough job, a difficult job, a lonely job, a job where you do not get a lot of recognition, and when you get a free car then let me tell you it feels like you are on top of the world.

Shopify Affiliate Program


Shopify, is an e-commerce platform that allows anyone to start an internet shop and sell their products. In fact, Shopify allows you to build an online store, without any website coding and designing skills. Promoting Shopify could earn you $2000 from a single click.

Shopify gives a 14-day free trial period and then the user will have to decide whether the Shopify e-commerce platform is good enough or not. The average Shopify commission is $58 for every user who signs for a paid plan. There is also a $2000 commission for each plus ref feral link

They offer great support and lots of content to help their affiliates. Truth is that there are many affiliates who are earning a lot of money promoting Shopify. The Best way to promote Shopify is by teaching drop shipping to other people. Shopify is used by most entrepreneurs for dropshipping as it is an awesome way to break into e-commerce.

S.F.M. Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program

Six-Figure Mentors
Six-Figure Mentors


Six-Figure Mentors is an online training program designed to help entrepreneurs build a successful digital online business. The program was first introduced back in 2010. Since then, it has helped many people to make their dreams come true.

It has a thirty-day free trial period and after that, you can make up your own mind whether this is the right program for you or not. If it is then you will have to decide which membership is right for you to join. SFM membership, ELITE membership, GOLD membership, and so on. The highest paying membership is the DEA BLACK membership. That membership will make the affiliate $2000 richer.

S.F.M. provides its affiliates with free training and many promotional tools to help their affiliates succeed.

Capitalist Exploits Affiliate Program

Capitalist Exploits
Capitalist Exploits

This program is about investing. In particular, it sells investment information to help people invest. Its aim is to find huge opportunities so investors can place their money there and earn. They have people in over 37 countries and that shows how accurate is the information they provide. Their information interests individual investors, institutional investors, financial advisors, investment blogs, and many more.

They pay 50% commissions on all products and the minimum commission you can get is $750. They will supply you with banners, landing pages, and content.

Capitalist Exploits offers the best investment information on the market right now. The program has a thirty-day trial period for $1, and that actually works just fine. You see the vast majority of those who get to try it, see the value behind it and they end up subscribing.

AWOL Academy Affiliate Program

Awol Academy
Awol Academy


AWOL Academy is the program that one click can actually make you $5000 richer. That is a serious amount of money. Just one click, one customer can change your life. AWOL Academy is the most comprehensive internet marketing education and mentorship platform online. It is made to help affiliate marketers from all levels, the highly experienced and the newbies, to build and grow their internet business.

AWOL consists of different modules. If you succeed to refer someone who joins their highest module you will be getting a $5000 commission.

Like all other affiliate marketing programs, AWOL offers several marketing tools to help their affiliates with marketing the program. In addition, training and webinars are available to teach you how to successfully promote the program.

ENTRE Institute Affiliate Program

ENTRE Institute
ENTRE Institute


ENTRE Institute is an online training program. The program’s aim is to train and help its subscribers to build a successful online business. ENTRE Institute consists of three modules. If AWOL Academy is the most comprehensive internet marketing education program, then the ENTRE Institute is even more. The program does not come cheap however if your referral joins the top module you will have $8000 in your pocket.

ENTRE Institute provides a comprehensive support program for its affiliates. Free training, landing pages, and banners are some tools an affiliate marketer will have for support.

Regal Assets Affiliate Program

Regal Assets
Regal Assets

This is the highest paying affiliate program of them all. There was an affiliate who earned $33.000 for a single sale from this program. $33.000 from one click. For many people to earn $33.000 it will take more than a year work maybe two years.

The Regal Assets affiliate program is an investment program. It only pays a 3% commission. However, the average investment is between $60.000 and 70.000 which is a lot of money and the commission from an average sale is around $2000. The $33.000 commission came from a $1.1 million investment.

The investors here are people in their late sixties and early seventies. These are not ordinary investors. They are retired people and they are shifting their savings from their 401(k) to a self-directed IRA account. These are people who are re-investing their savings into some other type of investment, usually gold and other precious metals to safeguard their savings.

The Regal Assets affiliate program provides full support to its affiliates. Banners, landing pages, investment kits, an active Facebook group, and a mentor program.

Nevertheless, to make money here is difficult. The market is tiny, the competition is tough, and you need to be a highly experienced affiliate marketer to succeed.

Final Words

These are some high ticket paying programs. Some of them can be promoted without a lot of effort but as the commissions’ increase, so does the difficulty level.

The money is there and they are a lot. If you tap into the high ticket commission programs you actually tap into vast sources of wealth. You can start earning recurring commissions that get you $500, $1000, $2000, $5000, and so on, better than an Amazon program that earns you a few dollars per sale, it seems like a joke.

Affiliate Warning

High ticket affiliate programs can be rewarding but they require high online marketing skills. You do not need to attract tons of people, you just need to find the right ones and that is the hardest part of all. Be warned though, many affiliate marketers tried to tap into high ticket affiliate programs with no results. Then they got disappointed and they simply gave up. Remember, the higher the commissions are, the harder for the affiliate is to make money. If I was you, I would not start my affiliate business with a high ticket affiliate program.

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  1. Another of your article’s bookmarked. I am a recent arrival to the affiliate marketing business, so these high-ticket affiliate programs are not for me… yet. 

    Once my work starts paying off and my confidence increases, I will definitely take a look at these programs. Particularly Capitalist Exploits. I’m all for spreading the word around!

    1. A large number of affiliate marketers make the mistake to get into a high paying affiliate program with little or no experience at all. High paying affiliate programs are difficult to promote and require many years of affiliate marketing expertise. It was a good decision for you to skip it for now and once you’ve gained enough experience and knowledge, then by all means get into it. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my website. 

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