Chris Farrell’s Membership Review

Chris Farrell's membership review

Chris Farrell’s membership review

OK, you are here looking for a way to make internet money. Congratulations, this is great. In this Chris Farell’s Membership Review, I will explain to you if that program is the program that could help you make internet money or not.

In fact, a few years ago, I went through the same process. I went on checking meticulously all the different affiliate programs trying to ensure the program I was about to enter would not be a scam, but a genuine affiliate training program course. At the same time, I wanted to make sure the affiliate training marketing program I was going to join would be the best.

Unfortunately, the majority of affiliate training programs are simply after your money. In this article, I will examine the Cris Farell Membership program to see how good it is and whether it’s worth joining. In particular, among others, I will be answering the following questions so, stick around!

  1. Is Chris Farell legit?
  2. Can a newbie make money?
  3. Is it worth the money you are paying?
  4. Is it a long-term business?

What is Chris Farell Membership?

Chris Farell membership is an online affiliate training platform. It is a site where Chris Farell himself, teaches you how to start your own affiliate business. Chris Farell claims he can teach you how to make internet money. His platform has been voted as the number one income training platform for four years in a row.

That was in the past. Does it still apply now?

Who is Chris Farell?

Chris Farell

Chris Farell was born in London England. However, nowadays he lives in Beverly Hills California. He is one of the most successful and respected affiliate marketers in the industry. He started his own affiliate marketing business back in 2008 and did extremely well, earning millions of dollars through affiliate marketing.

Chris Farell has the experience and knowledge to teach you how to earn online income that’s not a lie.

Chris Farell Membership Pros

  1. Chris Farell is genuine, honest, and sincere
  2. Price is good
  3. Excellent training for beginners
  4. 100% legitimate
  5. 30-day money-back guarantee
  6. Chris teaches you himself and does an outstanding job.

Chris Farell Membership Cons

  1. Content is getting outdated
  2. No SEO and keyword training
  3. Additional costs (web hosting, e-mail autoresponder, paid to advertise)
  4. The idle community does not offer enough support
  5. Chris Farell does not offer the necessary tools and resources (web hosting, domain name, website builder, and so on)

What is the Chris Farell Membership Program?

Once you join the Chris Farell membership program you will watch a video by Chris Farell welcoming you to the training program. Then your training will start. His training is not lecture-type training. It is hands-on training where you will get your hands dirty.

He has divided his training into three modules. 

  1. 10 minutes to success
  2. Money making lab
  3. I love traffic

It is a step-by-step, training program that leaves nothing unanswered. The novice will have no difficulty following it, it is so simple and well-made. In addition, Chris Farell is a gifted teacher.

You also get:

  • Webinars Here you can get more training in the form of training. However, I am afraid that the training section has not been updated.
  • Tools&Resources; Under that section, you will find all the tools and resources that are necessary for you to build a successful affiliate business. It is disappointing though, that these tools are not provided for free by the platform as other affiliate training programs do. Instead, you will have to pay for these services.

The first few videos will show you the world of internet marketing. The second and third programs will show you how to make an income out of it. These are step-by-step lessons.

Lessons include: choosing a niche, setting up your website, purchasing a domain, finding a host, (Hostgator) building your website, creating landing pages with LeadPages, starting your own e-mail campaign, and so on.

When your site is up and running Chris will show you how to get visitors to your website. Getting visitors is the most essential aspect of your online business. Without traffic, there is no revenue, and there is no income. Here is where Chris shows you how to attract visitors through paid traffic.

No SEO and Keyword Training

Unfortunately, the CFM training program will not teach you SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Keyword research strategy. SEO and Keyword traffic are essential for getting quality traffic. To get those two you will have to build an authority website and there is no info on how to do that either.

chris farrell's membership review

People who visit your website through google are actually looking for the information you are providing. Sadly, the CFM program relies solely on paid traffic and e-mail lists. Why pay for traffic when you can get it for free?

Paid traffic is expensive and doesn’t always deliver. Many affiliate marketers have lost money due to a small mistake in their marketing campaign. Free traffic is the way to go but there is a drawback. It takes time to deliver.

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Other Features of the Chris Farell Membership Program

Program Support

The Chris Farell Membership program offers support to its members. A newbie will definitely need support. There will be times when you will get stuck and will have to ask for help.

The CFM program will support you through the submit a support ticket mechanism. They will send you support via e-mail. There is also the forum support mechanism. Yet, there have been comments from disgruntled members who complain that they asked for help and there was no reply or any help whatsoever.

Is the Chris Farell Membership Program Legit?

Yes, the Chris Farell membership program is 100% legit. The founder makes it clear from the start that there is no easy money. You will have to work hard and only then you can make an income good enough to quit your job. Yes, affiliate marketing has made a lot of people rich and continues to do so. Nonetheless, they all had to put in the hours and hard work. Moreover, the CFM program has a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

Can a Newbie Make Money?

Yes, a newbie can make money with the CFM program. It is a well-made program despite its weaknesses. Chris Farell is a genuine person who’s been there and done that and surely knows what he is talking about. E-mail marketing is a very effective way to make money on the net and Chris Farell is an expert on that.


In addition, it is almost impossible to find an honest down to earth affiliate marketing training program on the net. Most affiliate training programs are after your money offering little or no value. Some of them are overpriced asking for thousands of dollars without any guarantees of success.

This is a legitimate program that works and there are many CFM “graduates” who’ve achieved financial independence.

Is it Worth the Money you are Paying?

If you are a newbie with no idea, then the CFM program is worth every penny. For $37,00 per month, you can get top-class affiliate marketing training from one of the best and most respected affiliate marketers in the world. Chris Farell will teach you everything you will need to know about affiliate marketing.

Chris Farell offers an honest product at a very good price. However, if you have some intermediate or advanced online experience, this program will not cover you. In that case, the CFM program will not be worth the money you will be paying.

Is it a Long Term Business?

The CFM training program is indeed a long-term business. It is a legitimate enterprise run by a genuine honest person who is one of the most respected affiliate marketers worldwide. Chris Farell makes it clear from the start, and rightly so, that this is not one of those get-rich-quick schemes or, get-rich-quick scams.

To my mind, a legitimate company that is run by an expert in its field like Chris Farell will always be a long-term business.

The Verdict

The Chris Farell Membership program is a good affiliate training program worth joining. The training is top class the price is good, and most importantly it is 100% legit. Chris Farell offers great training but this training is good for the novice. Additionally, if you are a newbie then the CFM program will help you up to a point. When you reach that point you will have to join another affiliate marketing training program because Chris’s program won’t be helping you anymore.

If you have intermediate or advanced affiliate marketing training then I am afraid the CFM will not be much of a help either.

If we take into account the missing parts of the training (SEO, keywords) which are absolutely essential, and the fact that he does not provide you with other services such as hosting, keyword research tool, and so on then the CFM program lags behind its competitors. Note that you will have to pay for hosting and keyword services.

Although the Chris Farell affiliate training program has some drawbacks it is still an excellent legit program that I recommend.

Ps.  In this article, I tried to present you with all the facts and also tried to be unbiased. If you have a comment or something to add to the CFM training program review feel free to leave a comment below.

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